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A belated introduction to an item of clothing I like to call: the shimmery black shirt of molten death.

Honestly, this is the silkiest, most indulgent fabric I have ever seen you put on your body, Thomas. You are gleaming like a fucking star - or perhaps a black hole would be more apt considering the colour, a black hole sucking all of our lives into the plunging vortex of his plunging neckline.

P.S. That is a very smug little face you have there, you smartass. Pfft. You are gorgeous. Shut up.


Scans of Character Pages from Kamigami no Asobi Official Art Book


  • Share this thing around. Why? 1) I’m a stick in the mud when it comes to romanization (unless it’s Dionysus or Thor’s though…) 2) I don’t want a heart attack when I see the subs in the anime
  • You can upload to other sites if you wish to, just let me know where it is
  • Enjoy the lovely art of Kazuki Yone
  • Thank me by sending me a render of Loki
  • If you want the original HQ sized scans, just ask me


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  • Lastly, don’t remove this caption -from me, OP, trikkustaa
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